Gold And Silver Secrets

What are the Gold and Silver secrets? They’re nothing magical or mystical. The gold and silver secrets have to do with the remarkable value of these precious metals as investment vessels. The gold and silver secrets let you diversify your investment portfolio in such a way that you can always have your investments’ value going up and up no matter what the wider economy is doing. In today’s economic climate, you need to be aware of the existence of the gold and silver secrets that have been used by money-making investors and the wealthy for centuries.

One of the gold and silver secrets known to those who have a lot of money is that both of them (both gold and silver) are important to own. Silver sits in gold’s shadow in the general investing public’s mind, but that is part of the reason why it should be held. Silver is often undervalued, meaning that you can get into it for a much, much lower cost than you can get into gold but often see far greater percentage gains. People who can’t afford to buy gold buy silver, pushing up its value. When gold’s market price rises to a certain point, it shuts out a lot of people, who then turn to invest in silver, which then drives up silver’s market value. This is very, very good for you if you are invested in silver.

By understanding gold and silver secrets, you can place yourself in a position to profit from a rise in gold’s price, a rise in silver’s price, and the opposite: a fall in their prices, which nearly always means that paper currencies and stocks and bonds are on the rise. A diversified portfolio should hold all of these things. A diversified portfolio means holding opposite investment assets so that you’re nearly always on the winning side. In today’s world, you must hold gold and silver because the major fiat currency of the world, the United States Dollar, is in jeopardy. All fiat currencies (that is, minted and printed money that is simply worth what its national central bank says it’s worth and which is based on debt obligations rather than backed by gold) are in trouble these days and, as a result, central banks around the world have been hoarding gold bullion (pure gold in the form of bars, not minted into coins). This makes gold more scarce in the marketplace and drives up its value. But with gold hard to come by, the market price of silver is also driven up as people hoard more of it.

The key to the gold and silver secrets is this: gold and silver always have value. They are valuable in and of themselves. They are useful in jewelry, electronics, and other ways. But when fiat currencies are losing value, gold and silver can be used as money. They can be held as assets that will always become more valuable the worse it gets for fiat currencies. The gold and silver secrets known to the wealthy include the fact that the precious metals have a history of holding their value throughout the ages-again, because they always have intrinsic value, unlike fiat currencies.

Today’s savvy investors know another one of the gold and silver secrets: that the most affordable way to get into precious metals investing is to buy junk silver coins. These are 90% US silver coins that were circulated and minted before 1965. A junk silver coin ($1000 face) contains about 715 ounces of silver and generally tracks the spot price of silver. If silver’s market value rises by just ten cents, a bag of US junk silver coins rises by about $70, although these bags at times lag sharp silver spot price changes.

It’s important to understand that if you own E-minis or ETFs for gold or silver you don’t really own any gold or silver bullion or coins; you instead have a derivative instrument that has its value based on gold or silver. But, these are highly affordable ways of getting into gold and silver investing and they are among the most important gold and silver secrets.

When the cost of living increases, the prices of gold and silver tend to rise, too. So, another one of the gold and silver secrets is that these precious metals should be held as a hedge against inflation. Inflation means the value of a fiat currency is becoming less so that a dollar (or whatever national currency) buys less than it used to. But this means that you need more dollars to buy the same thing. If gold and silver are now worth more dollars, you can get those additional dollars that you need to maintain your purchasing power in times of inflation by selling some of your gold and silver assets. So among the greatest of gold and silver secrets is understanding that when inflation looms it’s time to buy the precious metals.